Mud Honey's Brand Rep

Being a Mud Honey's Brand Rep is a great way to earn extra cash and free clothes simply by sharing items you already love!!!

Brand Rep Perks:

  • After first 5 sales, reps receive 20% off all their orders. Code renews every 30 days. Reps must maintain 5 sales every 30 days to keep their personal discount code activated. 
  • Reps receive 15% commission and friends/family receive 15% off their first order. 

** DO NOT post your link or codes on any of the Mud Honey social media pages. Codes are for YOUR FRIENDS and family only, not existing mud honey customers. **

Balances under $100 can be cashed out as store credit. Balances over $100 can be cashed out via PayPal.

To cash out your earnings, send an email to

To sign up as a Mud Honey's Brand Rep click here and fill out the form!