Veggie Steamer
Veggie Steamer

Veggie Steamer

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Embrace the art of healthy cooking with our Ceramic Veggie Steamer featuring a delightful mushroom garden design! This versatile kitchen essential combines functionality and aesthetics, allowing you to steam your favorite vegetables to perfection with a charming touch. Crafted from high-quality ceramic, it ensures even heat distribution for perfectly cooked veggies every time. Elevate your at-home kitchenware with our enchanting ceramic Veggie Steamer and make cooking more fun! For microwave use only, do not use in oven or on stovetop.

Microwave use only, do not use in oven or on stovetop, holds approximately 2-3 cups. Cook fresh or frozen vegetables, reheat leftovers, and steam sliced potatoes in minutes, without added fat (though it's also a fast, scorchless way to melt butter). The closed top speeds cooking by recirculating heat, while ventilation holes keep veggies crisp by letting excess steam escape.

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